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Specialty Coating Systems Unveils SCS Parylene C-UVF™ Conformal Coating

Published on 2011-04-07. Author : SpecialChem

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana -- At Avionics and Defence Europe 2011, Specialty Coating Systems has introduced a new technology, SCS Parylene C-UVF™, a coating that fluoresces under a specific spectrum of UV light, enabling customers to identify and verify that their components are protected with SCS Parylene.

Traditional Parylene coatings are ultra-thin and optically clear, making identification of coated components difficult. SCS Parylene C-UVF coatings are formed when a special compound is incorporated into the deposition process. The resultant coating is still ultra-thin, optically clear, and maintains the same electrical, mechanical and physical properties of SCS Parylene C, but it fluoresces under UV light, a characteristic that companies in the military, defense and aerospace industries rely on to ensure their components are protected with Parylene.

SCS is the world leader in Parylene coating services and technologies with ten coating centers around the world, including three in Europe, two in Asia and five in the Americas. Additionally, the company has 40 years of application coating experience in the electronics, automotive, medical device and military/aerospace industries.

About Specialty Coating Systems

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, SCS is one of the worldwide leader in Parylene conformal coating services, systems, and materials. SCS has nearly 40 years of application experience and expertise in the medical device, electronics, automotive and military industries. With ten coating facilities throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, SCS leverages its worldwide Parylene coating resources in order to meet its customers' needs on a global basis. The company also offers industry-leading liquid coating systems, including spray, spin and dip coating systems, and ionic contamination test systems.

Source: Specialty Coating Systems

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