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Sono-Tek Announces Its New Product: MicroMist for Stent Coating

Published on 2004-08-27. Author : SpecialChem


Sono-Tek Corporation, the world's leader in ultrasonic spray nozzle technology, announces the MicroMist spray nozzle, the next generation in precision stent coating equipment.

For several years, coated stent manufacturers have been using Sono-Tek's AccuMist ultrasonic spray nozzles for producing high quality stent coatings, making them the leading choice by many of the largest stent manufacturers.

MicroMist is the next step in the evolution of spray coating techniques. The MicroMist nozzle incorporates all the benefits provided by AccuMist nozzles, such as low-velocity ultrasonically generated drops, excellent penetration, and a self cleaning, but has the additional capabilities of focusing the spray beam to as narrow as 0.010" in diameter, and operating at polymer solution flow rates as low as 300 microliters per hour. The polymer solution is delivered to the nozzle's atomizing surface through an isolated hypotube. Upon being atomized, the spray drops are immediately entrained in a low pressure air stream, forming a very fine, focused beam. Coating uniformity and repeatability from stent to stent are unmatched by any other technology.

The MicroMist already has been tested and proven successful for production by some prominent stent manufacturers. The system can also be simply integrated into Sono-Tek's bench-top stent coating platform, the MediCoat.

Source: Sono-Tek Corporation

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