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Solucorp And Filtrair, Inc. To Produce And Market First Self-Remediating Paint Booth Filters

Published on 2004-11-08. Author : SpecialChem

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Solucorp Industries, Ltd. (OTC: SLUP - News), announced it has signed a New Product Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing contract with Filtrair, B.V. headquartered in the Netherlands, and Filtration Technical Media, located in Joliet, Illinois. Filtrair B.V. and Filtration Group Technical Media, located in York, South Carolina, USA, have forged a global filter media company. The company will go forward under the FILTRAIR banner. The contract is the culmination of a year of testing by Filtrair of the efficiency of Solucorp's patented IFS (Integrated Fixation System) technology for integration into paint filters produced by Filtrair. Solucorp's IFS technology will be used with Filtrair's filters to chemically render the heavy metals found in paints (lead and chromium, for example) non-hazardous and safe for disposal. The agreement calls for the development, mass production and sales of the filters by Filtrair to industrial and private users of paint booth filters. These filters are used for multiple applications and primarily by the aeronautics industry (i.e. Boeing), for the containment of chromium paint used to refinish airplanes and aeronautic equipment as well as on all types of vehicles, tanks, etc. employed by the military, commercial, and industrial markets.

The New Product Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing agreement provides for the companies to combine technologies to produce and sell these innovative Paint Booth Filters, which change the metal characterization of the paint booth filter allowing for non-hazardous cost effective disposal. Currently paint booth filters need to be disposed of as a hazardous waste because they fail the TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure) test for chromium. Solucorp will receive royalty payments as well as revenues from the sale of IFS product included in each filter produced.

According to industry sources, the worldwide market size for environmental filters is estimated at six billion dollars, which include paint filters. Many of these filters are designed to capture the related hazardous particles in the filter. These filters in turn must be disposed of as hazardous, adding to global environmental deterioration. Solucorp and Filtrair are combining their technologies in an effort to decrease the negative impact of these paint filters by enabling them to be disposed of in a normal manner since they remediate themselves. In other words, they become non hazardous.

Filtrair B.V. forms a part of the Borkent Beheer company group that was established in 1921, and has been active in air filter media manufacturing since 1965. Over the years Filtrair has developed an enviable track record on all continents, today supplying its materials to over 80 countries, in Europe, the Americas, Africa and most Asian countries.

Filtrair's outstanding reputation around the world is supported by converting/distributor operations in Canada, the United States, Italy and South Africa. Additionally, Filtrair B.V. is a joint venture partner in Shanghai Filtrair with a manufacturing and distribution facility in Shanghai, China. Its commitment to product excellence and innovative solutions has established Filtrair as a leader to the distribution and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) markets. Filtrair has also established partnerships and strategic alliances with many of the top filtration companies to ensure timely access to the industry's most recent, emerging technologies.

Solucorp and Filtrair believe combining their technologies demonstrates both companies'commitment to provide groundbreaking technologies resulting in a "greener solution" to the age old problems of disposal of hazardous metal-contaminated wastes.

According to Richard Runco, President of Solucorp, this agreement marks a significant milestone for the IFS process in that it reduces the danger inherent in the disposal of paint waste, particularly that found in the booths. "We know our process on the filters will significantly reduce the costly removal of contaminated paint filters by rendering them non hazardous and be of great value overall to the environment. We look forward to a strong relationship with Filtrair and its clients. We believe that this relationship will set the pace for other major manufacturers who have reviewed, and in specific cases, helped develop prototypes to make their products self remediating using our process, at the time they are manufactured, thus eliminating the possibilities of future environmental pollution."

Solucorp holds patents and proprietary technologies and is recognized in various trade magazines and the U.S. EPA as developer of innovative metals remediation technologies. The Company has and continues to develop environmentally friendly technologies for the treatment of already contaminated soils and sludges and prevention of future hazardous heavy metal contamination at its manufacturing source. Solucorp owns two (2) patents on its Molecular Bonding Systems (MBS®) technology and has patents pending on its proprietary IFS technology and remediation systems including bullet traps, projectiles, paint strippers and filter material. Solucorp's IFS technology which has received a notice of allowance from the Patent Trademark Office (PTO) for the main IFS patent application. The effectiveness of the Company's patented MBS® is acknowledged by its successful completion of the U.S. EPA's Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) Program. MBS® has proven to cost effectively and permanently remediate heavy metals contamination in soils and industrial wastes.

MBS® has been successfully used internationally in soil and other remediations. IFS was developed over the past ten years to deliver consumer product safety systems to manufacturing institutions and can be applied to a multitude of hazardous pollutant sources that render them insoluble and hence non-hazardous at the end of a products life cycle. Consumer products developed in conjunction with and specifically for consumer product manufacturers targeted for IFS include gun ranges, auto batteries, mercury switches, paint removers, electronic circuit boards, mercury air emissions, bullets, other munitions and paint booth filters.

The foregoing discussion contains forward-looking statements, which are based on current expectations. Actual results, including the timing and amount of revenues recognized, contracts awarded and performed and net income may differ due to such factors as: delays in payment on contracts due to dealings with governmental and foreign entities; fluctuations in operating costs associated with changes in project specifications; economic and other conditions affecting the ability of prospective clients to finance projects; and other risks generally affecting the financing of projects. Investors are cautioned to perform a proper due diligence and consult licensed professionals prior to making an investment decision.

Source: Solucorp Industries, Ltd.

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