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Small Batch Gravimetric Dispenser Model SBM

Published on 2006-11-27. Author : SpecialChem

The Novaflow SBM (Small Batch Manufacturing) system has been engineered to replicate large scale gravimetric dispensing systems used in paint and coatings factories. The unit will allow R&D Managers and Manufacturing Managers the ability to complete small scale testing of new products under manageable conditions in a laboratory setting.

This system is a "small footprint" design capable of accommodating 10-16 components dispensing into a 7" diameter opening. A moving scale option can also be configured to dispense into a 2" opening if required. Wetted components can be modified to suit various chemistries. Dispense accuracy of ± 0.2grams, for the smallest valve aperture is easily achievable.

The system is configured with a "split pump" arrangement, which effectively allows us to use one pump to pump from two supply containers.


  • Allows clients to test on a small scale basis.
  • Consistent and repeatable batching.
  • Justifiable return on investment.
  • Software complies with International Quality System standard requirements.
Small Batch Gravimetric Dispenser Model SBM


  • Up to 16 components dispensed above a bucket.
  • 2-stage dispense valve, ± 0.2 grams accuracy.
  • 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" air diaphragm pumps with multiple pump speed options are available.
  • Wetted parts are specified to suit chemical make up of materials being pumped.
  • Easy to clean Stainless Steel valve canopy and pump stands.
  • High accuracy Mettler Toledo scale platforms are used.
  • A stainless steel sliding scale assembly, for simple manual additions, when required.
  • Dell computer hardware with I/O interface.
  • Computer controlled product recirculation and integrated agitation is available


Novaflow's market leading MRP software for batch manufacturing drives the system. It features a wide range of software functions and modules each customizable to the end user's needs.

  • User-friendly Windows® operating platform.
  • Complete material and formulation database.
  • Full inventory control.
  • Estimation and batch costing reporting.
  • Environmental reporting.
  • Re-work / re-formulation tools.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Spectrophotometer links.
  • Multi user network access.
  • Data import and export capabilities.
  • Full data entry auditing and operator usage logging.
  • A variety of market specific software modules.
  • Internet functionality.
  • The system can be linked to clients MRP and ERP systems.

Source: Novaflow Systems, Inc.

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