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Silberline Launches Aluminum Pigments - SPARKLE SILVER X-treme 20 for Automotive Coating

Published on 2011-05-06. Author : SpecialChem

Silberline is pleased to introduce the first in a new line of special effect aluminum pigments - SPARKLE SILVER X-treme 20. With SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments, you can create coatings exhibiting intense effects including dazzling sparkle and deep metallic travel. Once again Silberline has pushed the boundaries of metallic effect pigments.

SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments employ Silberline's advanced silver dollar technology that yields exceptional color and brilliance. SPARKLE SILVER X-treme offers excellent performance in automotive OEM finishes and is ideal for use in refinish and wheel coatings, parts and accessories.

SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments create distinctive coatings that will make your products stand out and are ideal effects for coatings on X-treme sports equipment such as snowboards, skateboards, surf boards, skis, and two-wheelers.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments allow for clean tint bases that boost chromatic effect. Their X-treme metallic travel generates richness in metallic reflection across a wide range of viewing angles.

SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments are available in a standard package size of 20 kilograms or 44 pounds.

About Silberline

Silberline was founded in 1945 by aluminum industry pioneer Ernest Scheller. Recognized today as one of the world leader in the manufacture and supply of aluminum effect pigments, Silberline is that company envisioned by Ernest Scheller over 60 years ago. Still a family owned business with Lisa Jane Scheller as President and CEO, Silberline has over 700 employees world-wide with manufacturing, technical and research centers in Europe, Asia and North America. Through our highly experienced executive account managers, technical service representatives, and a world-wide network of independent agents and distributors, Silberline markets and services its products to a variety of end use markets including automotive, graphic arts and printing inks, plastics, and industrial coatings. Silberline's innovative special effect and performance-enhancing pigments add beauty and value to your products.

Source: Silberline

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