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Shepherd Color Introduces New Black Pigment with High Tint Strength

Published on 2022-11-16. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Shepherd Color New Black Pigment High Tint Strength Shepherd Color announces the launch of their new Copper Manganese Chromite Black 10G982. This new pigment has a jet masstone color and high tint strength.

Uses Include High Durability & Heat Coatings

Anticipated uses for Black 10G982 are high durability and heat coatings such as coil & extrusion, automotive, industrial, architectural, powder and other coatings. It can also be used in glass enamels. Additional characteristics of this pigment include:

  • Resistant to acids, bases, solvent and UV
  • High temperature stability
  • Non-warping in polyolefin
  • Non-bleeding or migrating

This new pigment is an example of Shepherd Color’s dedication to bringing a wide range of products to fit customers specific needs in black pigments for the plastic and coating industries. This black pigment chemistry is known as the standard use in high-durability coatings systems that meet the longest warranties and highest color retention requirements when used in building products.

It is also an excellent black for high-heat applications like automotive under-the-hood uses along with pipe, infrastructure, and structural steel. The advantage of Black 10G982 is that it has a very dark masstone for the tint strength it attains.

Resists Change on Applying Shear

The tint colors are also incredibly stable. When shear is applied to a liquid coating, it can cause other black pigments to change their dispersion state and the color of the tint. Black 10G982, due to its dispersion and particle size properties, resists this change and the color remains the same.

Once in a cured system, the Black 10G982 is inherently resistant to UV damage and the degradation by free radicals. Taken all together, Black 10G982 has the inherent properties that make it an excellent all-around black pigment for a wide range of applications.

Shepherd Color has over 90 years of experience developing, optimizing, and manufacturing an extraordinary range of complex inorganic color pigments. This pigment addition adds to their extensive color options in the black color space.

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Source: Shepherd Color


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