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Sartomer to Exhibit Urethane Acrylates for Inks & Coatings at Radtech

Published on 2015-09-17. Author : SpecialChem

Sartomer, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group, is one of the premier global suppliers of specialty acrylates for high performance energy cured systems. At the upcoming Radtech show in Prague, October 13th to 15th 2015 (Booth#20), Sartomer will showcase its powerful urethane acrylate chemistry for superior inks & coatings properties. Most recent developments for high-tech applications like additive manufacturing, LED curing, soft touch and feel finishes will also be highlighted.

Fig. 1: Urethane Acrylates for Coatings

URETHANE ACRYLATES: a powerful chemistry for superior performance

The performance requirements for energy cured systems being continually raised, Sartomer is building an unique range of urethane acrylates to help the formulators deliver market-leading products and solutions for very diverse application fields (automotive, electronics, construction, cosmetic packaging, additive manufacturing to name a few). The unique chemistries of Sartomer® urethane acrylates allow to achieve top quality coatings and inks:

- Outstanding mechanical properties
- High chemical resistance
- Elongation and flexibility
- Excellent outdoor resistance
- Very good pigment wetting

HIGH-TECH APPLICATIONS: most recent solutions for smart systems

This year, Sartomer will unveil its latest developments and recommendations for very high performance applications such as:

- Additive manufacturing
- LED curing
- Soft touch and feel specialty coatings

The company will also introduce to the market the new CN9209, nonafunctional aliphatic urethane acrylate.

About Sartomer

Sartomer is a premier global supplier of specialty chemicals for ultraviolet and electron beam (UV/EB), peroxide, and twopart epoxy/amine systems. For more than 55 years, Sartomer has pioneered the development of these advanced technologies, introducing hundreds of products that enhance performance in coatings, graphic arts, adhesives, advanced materials and other demanding applications.

Source: Sartomer

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