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Sansin Launches Foundation™, a Water-borne Primer for Wood Coating

Published on 2011-05-12. Author : SpecialChem

STRATHROY, ONTARIO, Canada -- The Sansin Corporation announced Foundation™, a concentrated, penetrating, water-borne primer for both interior and exterior wood surfaces, such as timbers, logs and dimensional lumber. For a quarter century, Sansin has been a leader in researching and developing environmentally friendly, low VOC wood formulas and technologies.

Ideally applied in a factory setting, Sansin Foundation™ stabilizes the wood tissue and lignin and keeps wood surfaces from weathering for up to six months during the construction phase. At the building site, Sansin Foundation™ safeguards wood's natural resistance to moisture and ensures the finishing coats adhere and deeply penetrate for lasting beauty and protection.

"Sansin Foundation™ is unique in that it provides deep-down protection for wood, but even on the lightest of woods, it applies invisibly so that the natural look and grain of the wood are retained," said Sjoerd Bos, Vice President at Sansin. "Sansin Foundation™ helps eliminate all on-site heavy labor and preparation of the wood for final finishing." With Sansin Foundation™, homeowners, builders and others in construction can streamline labor and reduce costs at the building site and be assured that the final top coat will apply easily, evenly and look its best. Sansin Foundation™ is available in different formulas to match the most popular wood species: fir, pine, spruce and cedar.

"There is simply no other wood primer out there, we believe, that can penetrate, apply so invisibly and evenly, and protect as fully as Sansin Foundation™," added Mr. Bos.

Sansin's environmentally friendly Foundation™ primer will:

  • Stabilize lignin against ultra violet radiation
  • Ensure dimensional stability
  • Reduce checks and erratic movement
  • Prevent discoloration, including joinery
  • Improve top coat performance
  • Deliver superior UV protection for wood tissue
  • Repel water
  • Support breathability
  • Treat wood with a moisture content up to 25 percent
  • Clean simply with soap and water before finishing

About Sansin

For 25 years, Sansin has been the only wood protection company focused exclusively on researching, developing, and introducing environmentally friendly, 'water-borne' interior and exterior wood finishing and protection technologies. Sansin's products deliver outstanding color, durability and performance, without the toxicity found in conventional stains. Sansin Enviro Stains use water, not petroleum solvents, to deeply penetrate and protect wood naturally, from within. Sansin has dealer networks in both Canada and the U.S.

Source: Sansin

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