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Rukse's Ruk R05 Cer-met Liquid Spray Coating to Protect Exhaust Parts from Thermal Fatigue

Published on 2012-02-06. Author : SpecialChem

Ruk Development (Rukse) is introducing another innovative Coating product: Ruk R05 Polished Cer-Met Aluminum Base Coat. This product is a Cer-met liquid air spray coating used in the vehicle industry on exhaust, turbo, and internal engine components. This coating prevents thermal fatigue, rust, corrosion, oxidation, and heat buildup. Rukse R05 is impact and abrasion resistant and can be welded to. It can handle temperatures up to 1300°F. This coating will not discolor like chrome. It is applied to various components including exhaust headers, intake piping, manifolds exhaust piping, and suspension parts. It adheres to the following substrates; steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Additional thermal protection is increased with an optional top coat of black or titanium colored ceramic coating. Or the coating requires the parts be polished in a special vibratory to achieve the bright (chrome-like) finish. This coating requires yearly maintenance with an aluminum polish to maintain the finish. Rukse also offers a number of other liquid coatings including satin black, titanium high heat, and internal engine coatings. Consumers choose the polished aluminum cermet coatings because of its corrosion and heat management properties and bright, (chrome-like) polished appearance.

"Ceramic coatings are just not for racers anymore. Many vehicles can benefit from the protection, cool finish, and increased performance that ceramic coatings can offer," states Dave Gibbons, Sales and Operations. "You pay a lot for your header exhaust system or turbo set up. You should further protect it from thermal fatigue, corrosion, and abrasion with a ceramic coating."

About Rukse

Ruk Development Inc. is a technology based company developing "Strategically Engineered" technologies and high performance products for the automotive and industrial markets. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, the company is committed to the development of new technologies and bringing these products to market through retail, wholesale and distribution channels. Sales representation and dealers wanted.

Source: Rukse

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