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Rocksolid Floors® & Hirshfield Bring Rocksolid Professional Line of Polyurea Floor Coatings

Published on 2011-07-01. Author : SpecialChem

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- RockSolid Floors® and Hirshfield's have come together to open new opportunities for both themselves and contractors. Hirshfield's now carries the RockSolid Floors® Professional series of floor coatings, including their latest development in coating technology-their Single Component Polyurea. This partnership allows contractors to provide their clients with one of the industry's strongest floor coatings through one of the leading retailers in decorating products.

Both companies are based in Minnesota, allowing for easy coordination between the two. Because Hirshfield's already has over 100 years of decorating experience in both other forms of flooring and in paint coatings, RockSolid's products allow them to combine two areas they already excel in to open a new market for themselves, creating a perfect fit between the two companies.

"We couldn't be a better fit for each other," says Patrick Ilfrey, CEO of RockSolid. "Hirshfield's painting experience especially compliments our Medici® system, though all of our products are great for any Hirshfield's customer. We're especially excited for their help in spreading awareness of our Single Component Polyurea products."

Included in these products are RockSolid Floors® Single Component Polyurea Solutions, a series of polyurea floor coatings with virtually unlimited pot-life. This allows installers as much time as they wish to finish their projects with no waste. This also minimizes required inventory space and labor, making Single Component Polyurea significantly more profitable for installers. Single Component Polyurea's unique composition retains polyurea's usual 4 to 8 hour walk on and 24 hour return to service when applied, despite its unlimited pot-life. It also keeps polyurea's elongation and flexibility, is still 20 times stronger than epoxy, remains a "green" product, and comes in convenient one gallon buckets. This is the core of RockSolid's Medici® system, which adds their color shots to the coating and applies it with a special two-headed roller to provide the elegance and beauty any contractor would expect from a product sold by Hirshfield's.

About Rock Solid Floors

Rock Solid Floors world headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company was founded in 2007, with the mission statement to provide a true one day do-it-your-self polyurea flooring system. Rock Solid Floors is an affiliate company of Citadel Floor Finishing Systems. Citadel Floor Finishing Systems is the leader in one-day polyurea floor installations. Citadel Floor Finishing Systems history reaches back 38 years, starting with waterproofing solutions and concrete restoration, evolving into to polyurea floor coatings.

Source: Rock Solid Floors

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