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Reichhold Introduces Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agent for Industrial Maintenance Applications

Published on 2006-08-22. Author : SpecialChem

Research Triangle Park, NC -- Reichhold, Inc. has introduced a patented waterborne epoxy curing agent, EPOTUF® 37-685, for industrial maintenance applications providing the corrosion protection of solventborne coatings with waterborne chemistry.

Coatings based on this new curing agent and EPOTUF 37-143 epoxy resin aqueous dispersion perform well on metal substrates providing excellent corrosion resistance equivalent to many solventborne systems, but at lower VOC levels. Where other waterborne epoxy systems tend to exhibit blistering and/or delamination when exposed to moisture, EPOTUF 37-685 produces coatings with exceptional adhesion to steel.

Reichhold Introduces Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agent for Industrial Maintenance Applications


EPOTUF 37-685 is an amine-functional dispersion which can be used to formulate two-component, waterborne epoxy systems with properties comparable to conventional solvent-based, two-component epoxy coatings. Coatings based on EPOTUF 37-685 are used in direct-to-metal applications with low VOC (volatile organic compounds), good corrosion resistance, high hardness, good adhesion in humid conditions and good chemical resistance. EPOTUF 37-143 epoxy resin aqueous dispersion is recommended as the coating epoxy component for optimum performance.


EPOTUF 37-685 is designed for industrial maintenance or "field applied" applications where customers require solventborne epoxy performance, but need to meet ever tightening VOC regulations. Applications based on EPOTUF 37-685 include spray, brush or roll-applied coatings such as:

  • Medium-Heavy Duty industrial maintenance primers
  • Light-duty, direct-to-metal coatings
  • Rail & transportation coatings
  • Concrete sealers, primers & topcoats

End-use applications for these EPOTUF 37-685 based coatings may include industrial maintenance of storage tanks, pipes, steel structures, rail cars, railings, gratings, and stairways among others.

Source: Reichhold

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