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Reducing VOC Using Ultra-Low VOC Driers

Published on 2008-11-19. Author : SpecialChem

DURA Chemicals has recently introduced four new paint driers, designated as Ultra-Low VOC Driers, to address the need to minimize the VOC contribution of the metallic driers in VOC-compliant coatings. These driers are formulated in a vegetable oil methyl ester as solvent to replace the traditional Mineral Spirits solvent. The four driers are part of the DriCAT product line and are comprised of DriCAT 2712 (12% Cobalt), DriCAT 2508 (8% Manganese), DriCAT 2005 (5% Calcium) and DriCAT 4012 (12% Zirconium). All four driers are minimum 90% solids (3 hours @ 105oC), which minimizes the contribution to the VOC of the coating. Performance in a variety of coatings systems has shown the traditional excellent dry-time performance of these metallic driers. These driers can be used with high-solids alkyds, urethanes, etc. to achieve the required dry-time performance while providing desired VOC compliance.

In addition to excellent performance in solventborne systems, the Ultra-Low VOC Driers have also shown promise in a variety of waterborne systems. In waterborne systems, such as the new alkyd dispersions, the main problem encountered with metallic driers is system compatibility and stability. The traditional approach has been to formulate the solventborne driers with surfactants to provide the water compatibility. Often this does not solve the problem since it is difficult to match the HLBs between the drier and the coatings system, resulting in drier seeding and separation. The use of a vegetable oil methyl ester as solvent provides a drier with a more polar solvent for better miscibility in the polar aqueous system. Drier compatibility is therefore enhanced with the Ultra-Low VOC Driers and does not require the use of surfactants. Of course, pre-mixing of these driers in polar glycols/glycol ethers can still be used as an effective method to further improve drier compatibility and stability in waterborne coatings.

At present, DURA Chemicals offers only four Ultra-Low VOC Driers. However, other metallic driers can be formulated in vegetable oil methyl ester as solvent to provide the entire toolbox of metal driers for the most demanding applications.

See what DURA Chemical Ultra-Low VOC Driers can do to improve performance in your solventborne and/or waterborne coatings.

Source: DURA Chemicals

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