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PZL Mielec's Skytrucks Convert to Low VOC Military Aircraft Coating from ANAC

Published on 2008-04-28. Author : SpecialChem

Aerodur® 5000 military camouflage topcoat from ANAC (Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings) has been successfully trialed on Poland's PZL-M28 Skytrucks The PZL-M28 Skytruck is a twin-engined Polish Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) aircraft developed from the Russian AN-28 as a light cargo and passenger plane. PZL Mielec, manufacturer of the Skytruck and Poland's largest post-war aerospace manufacturer, was attracted to the product primarily because of its low VOC content.

The decision to qualify Aerodur® 5000 on this popular workhorse was prompted by a recommendation from the Polish Air Force, which has also been impressed by the product's durability and ease of cleaning. The Polish business has been using Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings for at least two decades and was immediately keen to try the new state-of-the-art system. PZL Mielec is the first European military aircraft manufacturer to commit to this new generation camouflage paint for its planes.

"The coating significantly cuts potentially harmful solvent emissions and, as a high solids product, contains 27 percent less VOC than alternative coatings," said Robert Araujo, Environment, Health & Safety Manager for the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, which took over PZL Mielec in March 2007. In addition to addressing environmental concerns, Aerodur® 5000 uses the latest coatings technology to provide extended durability, reduce cycle times and overcome the historic application problems associated with camouflage coatings. This makes Aerodur® 5000 the ideal choice for Sikorsky Aircraft's new subsidiary. "Sikorsky is proud to lead the European military aviation industry in setting new standards for environmental stewardship," added Jeffrey Pino, President of the Sikorsky Corporation.

One of Aerodur® 5000's most striking improvements over previous generations of camouflage products is its ease of application. Additionally, with the ability to be applied in just one coat for most applications, Aerodur® 5000 has excellent 'hang-up' (maximum build without running) and 'wet-edge' performance: there are no 'tiger stripes', sags, wrinkles or 'pin holing'. The coating's ability to blend for camouflage and touch-up means that repairs can look as good as the original finish. The stenciling window is a forgiving 48 hours, four times longer, says ANAC, than competitive products. Furthermore, Aerodur® 5000 has superior weathering characteristics and is highly resistant to hydraulic fluids and chemicals. Already in use by the US military, it is qualified to the specification MIL-PRF-85285.

Aerodur® 5000 is fast becoming the military camouflage topcoat of choice as more customers discover that it also provides an excellent mar resistant finish, is particularly easy to clean, and has a smooth surface profile that does not attract as much dirt as typical matte finishes. It is quick drying, with a maintenance paint application "fly-away" window of as little as 24 hours, and can be supplied globally in any shade with a number of U.S. Federal Standard 595 colors held in stock ready for immediate shipment.

ANAC is part of Akzo Nobel, the world's largest coatings manufacturer, and has pioneered many of the coatings technologies used in the modern aerospace industry. Its customers include manufacturers Boeing, Airbus and Agusta-Westland as well as the world's leading airlines, aircraft and helicopter operators. The Eurocopter group, which has its own plants across Europe, works with other manufacturers and distributors in 40 countries to produce and market a full range of civil and military helicopters including the well-known Lynx, Tiger and NH90.

The group was formed in 1992 when the helicopter divisions of Aerospatiale-matra (France) and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (Germany) combined and is a subsidiary of EADS (European Aeronautic, Defense and Space Company). Eurocopter is now the largest helicopter manufacturer in the world.

About Akzo Nobel:

Akzo Nobel is one of the world's leading industrial companies. We are the largest global coatings manufacturer and the number one in decorative paints and performance coatings, as well as being a major worldwide supplier of speciality chemicals. We employ around 60,000 people in more than 80 countries and are committed to developing innovative products and cutting-edge sustainable technologies. We endeavor to deliver whatever our customers require, wherever and whenever they need it. Based in the Netherlands, Akzo Nobel is a Fortune Global 500 company and is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. We are the Chemicals industry leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, as well as being included on the FTSE4Good Index. Pro forma combined revenue for 2007 totaled EUR 14.4 billion. The financial results for the first quarter will be published on May 7, 2008.

Safe Harbor Statement:

This press release may contain statements which address such key issues as Akzo Nobel's growth strategy, future financial results, market positions, product development, pharmaceutical products in the pipeline, and product approvals. Such statements, including but not limited to the "Outlook", should be carefully considered and it should be understood that many factors could cause forecasted and actual results to differ from these statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, price fluctuations, currency fluctuations, developments in raw material and personnel costs, pensions, physical and environmental risks, legal issues, and legislative, fiscal, and other regulatory measures. These factors also include changes in regulations or interpretations related to the implementation and reporting under IFRS, decisions to apply a different option of presentation permitted by IFRS, and various other factors related to the implementation of IFRS, including the implementation of IAS 32 and 39 for financial instruments. Stated competitive positions are based on management estimates supported by information provided by specialized external agencies. For a more complete discussion of the risk factors affecting our business please refer to our Annual Report on Form 20-F filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, a copy of which can be found on the Company's website.

Source: ANAC (Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings)

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