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Pidilite’s New HASE Thickener Offers Pseudo-plastic Rheological Effect to WB System

Published on 2020-12-02. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Environmentally Friendly Coatings    

paint-rheology-newsPidilite launches Pidicryl® 7930 H, a new generation HASE thickener in its range of rheology modifiers. This is Hydrophobically modified Alkali Swellable Emulsion copolymer.

Achieve Desired Viscosity with Low Thickener Dosage

Pidicryl® 7930 H imparts desired thickening when neutralized to pH 8-9 and provides a pseudo-plastic rheological effect to the water-based system. Prevention of settling, improved in can viscosity and balance of sag resistance and leveling properties with comparatively lower thickener dosage are performance indicators of Pidicryl® 7930 H.

Pidicryl® 7930 H – Properties and Applications

  • Higher thickening efficiency compared to conventional synthetic thickeners & imparts excellent in-can viscosity to paints.
  • Partial or complete replacement for HEC (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose) offering a reduce raw material cost of paint recipe.
  • Imparts superior flow & leveling to paints than conventional natural or synthetic thickeners.
  • Paints based on Pidicryl® 7930 H give more deposition of paint per coat and hence, higher opacity per coat.
  • Pidicryl® 7930 H reduces roller spatter there by reducing paint wastage while application.

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