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PETERS Group Introduces ELPEGUARD® Conformal Coating for Dam & Fill

Published on 2011-02-08. Author : SpecialChem

ELPEGUARD® conformal coating SL 1307 FLZ-T

The colourless transparent, fluorescent ELPEGUARD® conformal coating SL 1307 FLZ-T is an ultra-thixotropic adjustment of the ELPEGUARD® conformal coating SL 1307 FLZ/2 which can be easily and precisely applied by means of a dispenser. This way, dams can be built around connectors, components and pads to prevent the penetration or spreading of a subsequently applied conformal coating (dam and fill). The liquid flow after application ensures that component leads are completely surrounded.

The ELPEGUARD® conformal coating SL 1307 FLZ-T can be removed with the thinner V 1307 FLZ/2 for repair purposes and reapplied later.

Besides the standard tins, from which the conformal coating can be filled into existing dispensing equipment, now also practical cartridges are available which facilitate application.

About PETERS Group

PETERS Group are specialized in the development and the production of special lacquers for the manufacture of printed circuit boards as well as in conformal coatings and opaque as well as transparent casting compounds for electronics.

Source: PETERS Group

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