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Perstorp Launches Capa™ Polycaprolactones & Oxymer™ Polycarbonate Diols at ECS 2011

Published on 2011-03-30. Author : SpecialChem

Perstorp will showcase its unique portfolio of products for polyurethane dispersions (PUDs), including high-end Capa™ polycaprolactones, Oxymer™ polycarbonate diols and the novel non-ionic dispersing monomer Ymer™ N120, at the European Coatings Show 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The use of aqueous PUDs is growing rapidly worldwide, thanks to their versatility, high performance, and low environmental impact. PUDs enable formulators to customize properties, such as durability, hardness and flexibility, for each specific application.

Their low environmental impact comes from a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content, as they are dispersed in water rather than organic solvents. As a result PUD coating systems are becoming increasingly attractive solutions, being both friendlier to the environment and to the people who use them.

"Polyurethane dispersions is one of our market segments with the highest strategic growth potential and our development team supports customers in developing and tailoring new polyurethane dispersion technology and applications," says Perstorp Director Market Development Bo Häggman. "This year, visitors at the European Coatings Show will be able to see and touch a Capa™-based clearcoat on wood demonstrating the good coating flexibility, toughness and abrasion resistance that Capa™ offers."

Perstorp will also present a pigmented Oxymer™-based PUD spray coat on an aluminum surface, to exemplify the exceptional adhesion onto many substrates and superior chemical and UV resistance enabled by Oxymer™ M112.

In addition, the company will feature two product samples of its unique Ymer™ N120 - one in a very low pH solution and one in a very high pH solution - to demonstrate the process robustness and stability it brings to PUDs.

Perstorp's complete palette of essential and specialty components for producing high performance and low impact polyurethane dispersions, covers products for producing PUDs for highly durable wood floor coatings, flexible and abrasion-resistant leather and textile coatings and weather-resistant, non-yellowing outdoor coatings. It also includes soft-feel coatings for plastics, and adhesives for footwear, wood products, furniture and automotive interiors.

Perstorp's extensive range of raw materials includes, among others, polyols and chain-extenders, isocyanate monomers, dispersing monomers, and isocyanate cross-linkers, dedicated to the formulation and differentiation of the full range of PUDs.

About Perstorp

The Perstorp Group is one of the world leaders in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications. Their products are used in the aerospace, marine, coatings, chemicals, plastics, engineering and construction industries. They can also be found in automotive, agricultural feed, food, packaging, textile, paper and electronics applications. Perstorp has approximately 2,200 employees and manufacturing units in eleven countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Sales amounts to SEK 14 billion (1.45 € billion). By the end of 2005 the Perstorp Group was acquired by Perstorp Holding AB, controlled by the French private equity company PAI partners.

Source: Perstorp

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