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Peptide Technologies Launches Four Organic-Based Fouling Prevention Coatings

Published on 2014-01-30. Author : SpecialChem

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Peptide Technologies, Inc. announced that after 18 years of development and testing, it has commercially launched the first organic-based fouling prevention coatings product line to address the economic and environmental burden of aquatic bio-fouling. Peptide Technologies' products specialize in the prevention of the attachment of organic matter on ship hulls and fixed assets to improve vessel fuel efficiency, decrease maintenance costs, reduce emissions and the release of toxic materials (i.e. copper) in our oceans, lakes and valuable water sources.

After the past two years of conclusive product testing and formula improvements, they have launched a perfected product line offering the industry safe and sustainable fouling prevention coatings used to combat the rapidly growing problems caused by the attachment of hard fouling agents in the marine and fresh water environments. Peptide Technologies' patent-protected approach not only significantly minimizes the attachment of hard fouling agents such as mussels, barnacles, etc., but is also highly effective in preventing the build-up of any bio-film or algae layer as Theyll.

Peptide Technologies' four coatings also offer an industry-first successful "30 MINUTE" curing phase to significantly loTheyr maintenance dry-dock downtime, and are designed to prevent the attachment of fouling organisms to a variety of substrates.

*AquaNatural Industrial Coating- customized formulation to provide effective protection from fouling organisms onto fixed assets for 10 years;
*AquaCrete Natural Coating- customized solution to provide effective protection to concrete surfaces from fouling organisms for 10 years;
*AquaCulture Natural Coating- designed for flexible substrates such as netting to allow for expansion and contraction without compromising integrity of the coating for 2 years; and
*AquaNatural Marine Coating- customizable friction-reduction formula for assets while stationary or mobile for 5 years, resulting in a potential fuel cost savings greater than 5%.

The organic-based solutions they have developed and perfected are highly effective in both marine and fresh waters, and are the first non-dangerous, non-hazardous, and therefore environmentally friendly, products available to the aquatic and industrial market. These fouling prevention coatings adhere to both stationary and flexible substrates (i.e., netting) and are available in "Clear" and a variety of colors including white. There are many benefits to applying these fouling prevention coatings in enclosed systems as Theyll as open surfaces such as ship hulls, fish nets, intake screens, and canal gates - where the application of paint containing biocides, bio-pesticides, or copper products and/or chemical-based products is not appropriate.

Together, their coatings will prevent attachment of fouling organisms to bare wood, carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, concrete, gel coats, underwater cable coverings and polypropylene netting. Coatings are non-hazardous and do not kill fouling agents. Coatings are designed to simply prevent organisms such as algae and other hard organisms (i.e. barnacles, mussels) from attaching to the substrate. In addition, coatings can be formulated to provide protection from fouling organisms onto fixed assets for 10 years (AquaNatural Industrial and AquaCrete Natural Coatings).

Furthermore, the incorporation of silicone into their coatings has been carefully tuned to not interfere with the slow release of the active ingredients. Indeed, the silicone provides a hydrophobic environment at the coated substrate/water interface. Empirical data obtained from a laboratory designed flume suggests a reduction in drag of greater than 5%. As a result, this coating will contribute to an overall savings in fuel costs for mobile assets for a period of 5 years (AquaNatural Marine Coating).

AquaCulture Natural Coating has been designed to expand and contract without compromising the integrity of the coating. Open net-pens, anchor ropes and other substrates influenced by the action of water currents can be coated and protected from fouling by the flexible nature of this coating. The coating is designed to provide effective substrate coating protection for 2 years.

Targeted applications for their products are:
  • Hydro-electric facilities and dams (i.e., water in-take pipes, valves);
  • Ship hulls (i.e., barnacle-covered hulls can increase fuel usage by more than 40%);
  • Commercial fish nets;
  • Pearling and aquaculture industry;
  • Drinking water treatment facilities;
  • Farm irrigation water;
  • Navigation locks;
  • Oil rigs (FPSO);
  • Other cement and/or steel substrates; and
  • Concrete residential/commercial buildings, walkways and docks.

These fouling prevention coatings have undergone intensive evaluations by independent parties around the globe. These include: Canada - Great Lakes; USA - Colorado River; Darwin, Australia; and Trondheim, Norway. Unlike any other anti-fouling paint in the world, Peptide Technologies' fouling prevention coatings are the only ones in the world to receive a non-hazardous and non-dangerous rating by Risk Management Technology firm ChemAlert of Australia - a government-sanctioned certification. Their coatings contain no biocides, are non-dangerous, non-hazardous and free of any regulated active ingredients (DSL and TSCA). The absence of copper from any of their coatings allows for application of their products to include spraying without contamination to neighboring waters.

About Peptide Technologies

With the future and environmental responsibility in mind, Peptide Technologies, Inc. provides a sustainable natural solution that addresses the economic burdens caused by the zebra / quagga mussels, barnacles, and bio-film without harming other organisms or depleting a segment of the natural food chain. Their is a “green” organic alternative to the toxic, chemical treatments and physical scraping treatments which need to be repeated multiple times annually. They create a solution, not just a band-aid which contains unknown side-effects.

They need to take a responsible approach in the control over this infestation, rather than its elimination. This approach should be conducted in such a way that it benefits society on all levels; from the local communities They operate in, to the countries They export from, and to the end users of their products. Peptide Technologies conducts its operations from a foundation of respect for the environment, eco-systems and the cultures of all with whom They do business.

Source: Peptide Technologies

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