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Paradigm Imaging Group's New SID IJ3000 Eco Solvent Inks Provide Max. UV Light Resistance

Published on 2014-01-17. Author : SpecialChem

COSTA MESA, CA -- Paradigm Imaging Group, the North American distributor for SID Signs International, introduced new eco solvent inks

The SID IJ3000 eco solvent inks were developed specifically for the SID Mercury GS and Titan GS printers that feature the Seiko GS-508 print head technology. By utilizing the IJ-3000 inks, SID customers with the Mercury and Titan GS printers will be able to achieve the best print quality in resolutions up to 1440 dpi. In addition, the IJ-3000 inks are compatible with print heads from other manufacturers with 12 pl or similar high resolution print heads.

The IJ3000 inks are formulated for maximum outdoor durability and UV light resistance. In laboratory testing, the inks received a grade of 8 (6 or higher being suitable for outdoor use). Testing was done with Xenon high pressure lamps, providing results similar to daylight exposure. Since the IJ3000 inks are a mild or eco solvent, they require minimal venting and create less environmental impact than traditional solvent inks.

Said Randy Geesman, President of Paradigm Imaging Group, "These new inks are a great addition to our existing product line. In addition to their reliable performance, SID eco solvent inks are among the most affordable on the market at $54 per liter."

About Paradigm Display Solutions

Paradigm Display Solutions, a division of Paradigm Imaging Group, has been providing display solutions since 1998. They offer the highest level of customer service found anywhere. They are not merely an on-line store; they specialize in giving their customers one-on-one support and can accommodate any request, large or small.

Source: Paradigm Imaging Group

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