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PaintLook - Anywhere There's a Color

Published on 2006-01-02. Author : SpecialChem

Reggio Emilia, Italy -- PaintLook virtual decorating software and color "placing" instrument is released on the Chinese market after great success in the American and European markets. This 'color placement' tool allows the decoration of digital images/photographs rapidly with not only colors but also borders, textures and decorative effects. This new unique tool enables paint manufacturers and retailers to rapidly generate multiple color schemes to enhance the sales experience in choosing paint and decorating products. Generating photo realistic results this virtual decorating tool is changing the way paint and decorating products are sold at the point of sales.

PaintLook easy to use interface enables even those without personal computing or digital imaging knowledge to reach the same high quality results as more expert users with the minimum of practice. In just a few minutes photo realistic results can be obtained and infinite combinations of products can be applied and experimented with until the desired color schemes are achieved.

With approximately 4000 different colors already present within PaintLook including (NCS-System(r)(c), (c)RAL CLASSIC and (c)RAL DESIGN) and also the ability to apply decorative effects to these colors (e.g. stucco) the different combinations are only limited by your imagination. PaintLook has a default library of colors, borders, textures and effects, which can all be added to with new items easily added by the user. This creates a superb and customizable array of products, which can grow and grow presenting infinite possibilities to the user.

The products are placed with uniformity and naturalness, maintaining unaltered the characteristics of the original setting with its light and shadow effects. Paint and print your images and you will discover that what you have only been able to imagine up to today, is now possible.

PaintLook contains the MLColorScope(r) procedure for the precise calibration of the monitor to accurately reproduce the colors on different monitors. Using the "Repair" function, you can repair ruined areas of the image and then apply the colors and all the products in a uniform and homogeneous way, with total respect for the real proportions. In addition, PaintLook maintains the photo realistic effect of the original image unaltered and natural with its own light and shadow, and allows you to store, export, and print the images created with the references to the products used.

Manufacturers can have personalized versions created with all their product range included, with easy navigation and search facilities to rapidly locate products. Available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) PaintLook is the ideal tool to promote your decorative products to a worldwide audience.

Source: Media Logic

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