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Oxea Launches OXFILM 351, the Next Generation Coalescing Agent

Published on 2010-04-29. Author : SpecialChem

OBERHAUSEN -- The global chemical company Oxea announces the launch of OXFILM 351, the next generation coalescing agent. OXFILM 351 is a virtually odorless and non-VOC coalescing agent. With a boiling point of 351°C (664°F), it has negligible contribution to a coating's VOC content. In Europe, OXFILM 351 is classified as a non-VOC because its boiling point is well above the threshold limit of 250°C. In the U.S., VOC content is determined using EPA Method 24 rather than a statutory definition. When tested, neat OXFILM 351 has a VOC content less than 0.5%.

Besides beating other coalescent agents on odor and VOC contribution, OXFILM 351 is 10-20% more efficient in reducing the minimum film forming temperature (MFFT).

Oxea believes that OXFILM 351 is a safe choice for the future anticipating increasingly tighter VOC regulations. OXFILM 351 was tested in multiple commercial formulations and has been shown to be an efficient coalescing agent for a broad range of latex and coating types.

About Oxea:

Oxea is a global supplier of solvents, polyols and oxo derivatives such as carboxylic acids, olefin derivatives and alkylamines. These products are used for the production of high-quality coatings, lubricants, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, flavorings and fragrances, printing inks and plastics. The company is an international market leader in the production of a variety of acetates, alcohols, amines, carboxylic acids and butyraldehydes. Oxea has annual sales worth about EUR 1.2 billion and employs approximately 1,350 people in Europe, Asia and the Americas. They are supported by an experienced sales team worldwide.

Source: Oxea

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