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Organa Garden's IGT Develops DURASPEED Powder Coatings for Boat Propellers

Published on 2011-09-20. Author : SpecialChem

NEW YORK -- Organa Gardens International Inc. reported that its powder coating and equipment division, Integrated Green Technologies LLC (IGT) has successfully completed field trials for its newly developed "DURASPEED" powder coating for boat propellers, drives (IPS),shafts, bow thrusters, trim tabs and keel coolers. The trials were conducted under the control of the Volvo Penta (Inboard performance system) warrantee facility in Fort Myers, Florida. The coating was applied using the patented IGT #100-B electrostatic thermal spray powder gun system, which allows for the powder coating of parts without the need for a bake oven.

IGT's proprietary foul release coating contains no environmentally harmful components and is designed to hinder the growth of marine life on the surface of the parts while at the same time, due to the extremely smooth surface of the coating, allow for minimum resistance between the part surface and the water. This feature, in test data running in parallel with other smooth coatings, has proven to equal or exceed all others both in RPM increase and fuel efficiency. Further inspection of the coating in comparison to others, revealed that all coatings except for DURASPEED coating required underwater cleaning within 6 weeks of operation. The minimum expected service life is several years based on a successful four year test conducted previously. What is considered efficient foul release coatings typically measure their useful life in months on the various parts of a boat. Until now, in the case of the Volvo IPS drive system, there has been no coating available that provides the features of DURASPEED.

Joe Moretti, CEO of IGT states, "We are most excited introducing DURASPEED to our line of marine products. Moreover, the marine industry will welcome the product as it will solve many long and short term issues. All marine experts should and will be introduced to DURASPEED. I believe this product will have a profound impact on the marine industry as we know it."

About Integrated Green Technologies

IGT is an industrial tools, machinery & equipment manufacturer and a provider of consumable supplies & materials. IGT is also a distributor of heavy-duty blasting equipment and "green" environmentally safe mobile powder coating systems featuring the patent pending Triplex Electrostatic/ Electrostatic Thermal Spray/ Non-Electrostatic Thermal Spray and Powder Coating Spray and Conversion Device.

Source: Organa Gardens International

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