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Norsolook: Innovative Low profiles Additives Brought on the Same Market by Cray Valley

Published on 2008-02-21. Author : SpecialChem

A full range of low shrink and low profile additives, named NORSOLOOK, have been recently developed by Cray Valley to meet market expectations. These products may be used in SMC, BMC, pultrusion and RTM applications.

A deep market analysis highlights two opportunities for new additives in the automotive sector. The first opportunity is for compounds having significantly improved paintability, either for on-line or off-line SMC parts. All players agree that paintability is the main issue, leading to an increase in the final cost of the part. The second opportunity is for a better surface aspect for SMC Class A, since some OEMs still prefer to use metal as a high quality finish material. Cray Valley is working in partnership with the leading compounders, like Menzolit and MCR, to solve this issues.

To address the paintability issue, a combination of NORSOLOOK additives has been developed that avoids popping when used with the new NORSODYNE M01510 resin. In addition, lower VOC emission and lower solvent uptake is achieved and a conductive on-line formulation is also available. A first industrial validation of this on-line formulation shows this technology is of high added value for carmakers. On the other side, NORSOLOOK A76086 is now available to address the needs for better Class A finish.

Cray Valley is now leading the forefront of the technology for SMC Class A parts and is committed to solve pending challenges of the automotive sector to lower the weight of cars, to meet the new European challenging CO2 emission regulations.

Part of Total's Chemicals branch, the group formed by CRAY VALLEY, COOK COMPOSITES & POLYMERS and SARTOMER is the second largest resins manufacturer in the world, with sales of 2.2 billion euros and about 4,000 employees worldwide (2007).

Source: Cray Valley

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