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NOF Metal Offers PLUS® VLh & GEOKOTE® Range of Topcoats for Corrosion Protection

Published on 2012-10-09. Author : SpecialChem

As part of its GEOMET® zinc flake anticorrosion technology, NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE proposes two topcoats intended for fasteners: PLUS® VLh and GEOKOTE® range. They comply with the latest technical evolutions in the car industry, particularly regarding the reduction of car weights, increased use of light alloys and concern for the environment.

PLUS® VLh: The Evolution of PLUS® VL with Further Enhanced Performances

For many years, one of the major standards of the German car industry has been the PLUS® VL applied onto a GEOMET® 321 grade A coating, which combines excellent performance regarding anticorrosion and control of tightening, all of this for a very competitive price.

Today, the obligation to reduce vehicle weights in order to decrease CO2 emissions leads to widespread use of light alloys. The PLUS® VLh topcoat improves performances linked to friction for difficult tightening cases, particularly for multitightening in aluminium and onto catophoretic paint. It is also effective in cases of loosening at high temperatures, while avoiding stick-slip problems when tightening.

The PLUS® VLh topcoat can be applied in one coat onto the GEOMET® 321 grade A coating. It can be used for all fasteners and meets new expectations of the German automotive industry with whom an approval process has been initiated.

GEOKOTE®: Future Solution Against Chemical Attack

The GEOKOTE® topcoat is currently used in mass production for external car parts (locks for doors and engine bonnets). It has been developed to meet requirements regarding resistance to chemicals (hydrochloric, phosphoric, sulfuric acids...) and repetitive abrasion. The excellent results obtained allow them to propose it from now on for new applications, as for instance for fasteners (screws, nuts, clamping clips...).

The GEOKOTE® topcoat provides with a thin layer optimal corrosion resistance and assembly properties. It enables, for instance the avoidance of the stick-slip effect occuring when tightening. GEOKOTE® is available in black, clear and in other shades enabling for instance the identification of parts. It can be applied both by dip-spin or by spray on the existing lines of their global applicators network.

Environment Friendly Technologies

NOF metal coatings differ from their competitors products in their technology based on a water-based and low VOC content chemical. Their innovation, aware of the environment and human health has been recognized twice by major awards: The Pierre Potier prize and Europe Responsible Care® prize.

About NOF Metal Coatings

With a 35-year experience, NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE develops, produces and sells, by license agreement, the zinc-flake technologies GEOMET® and DACROMET®. Their coatings offer a low-thickness and high-performing anticorrosion protection and are the benchmark in the automotive and truck sectors as well as in lots of other industrial sectors such as renewable energies. NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE is the European subsidiary of NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP, the anticorrosion division of the Japanese chemical group NOF CORPORATION, who invented the zinc-flake technology. An international licensees network with more than 500 application lines uses their coatings worldwide.

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