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Nissin Chemical to Exhibit Resins for Coatings & Inks at CHINACOAT 2018

Published on 2018-11-26. Author : SpecialChem

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Nissin Chemical has been participating at CHINACOAT since 2016, and introduced many unique Nissin products to the world.

Nissan Chinacoat
This year, Nissin Chemical is also taking exciting products which can be applied in many areas (such as ink, paint, coating, and etc.) to the show.

Range of products to be promoted:

SOLBIN (A, AP, ALLP, CLL2) – It is a modified resin that combines the toughness and chemical resistance of vinyl chloride, the strong adhesiveness and plasticity of vinyl acetate, and other polar groups that enhance adhesive properties and solubility. Solbin is used as a binder for magnetic cards and tapes, as a coating agent for beverage cans and moisture-proof cellophanes, and also as part of various paints, inks, and adhesives.

OLFINE (EXP. series,PD-600 series,AF-103, SAG503A) - Olfine is composed of applied materials containing acetylenic alcohol and acetylene diol. Acetylenic alcohol is a highly volatile surfactant that can also provide wettability.

VINYBLAN (700, 701, 755) - It is a unique product that makes use of the characteristics of vinyl chloride, and can be used for adhesion to a wide variety of items such as vinyl chloride products. It also has superb coloring for print media.

CHALINE (E-370, LC-190, E-790) - CHALINE is a silicone/acrylic hybrid resin, which offers the superior tribological properties of silicone resin and acrylic resin's excellent compatibility with other types of resin.

Source: Nissin Chemical
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