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Nippon Paint Marine Launches Anti-corrosive Epoxy Primer for Newbuild Ships

Published on 2022-09-19. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Nippon Paint Marine Anti corrosive Epoxy Primer Newbuilding Ships Nippon Paint Marine has added a new anti-corrosive universal primer to its E-Marine range of paints.

E-Marine 2000 is the Japan-headquartered company’s first general-purpose epoxy primer manufactured in China for the Chinese newbuilding market.

Abrasion-resistant Coating with 80% Solid Content

Taking two years to develop the formulation, E-Marine 2000, available in grey, red or cream, is an abrasion-resistant, high-volume, epoxy coating with an 80% solid content and capable of providing long-term corrosion protection.

While the universal primer is suitable for application to all areas of a newbuild ship, such as the underwater hull, boot tops, topsides, decks and cargo holds, it has been specially formulated to meet market demand for an MSC.215(82)-compliant preparatory primer.

The IMO resolution, adopted in 2006, governs the performance standards for protective coatings (PSPC) for ships’ ballast tanks.

For ballast water tanks, the required nominal dry film thickness of 320μm can be achieved in two coats but for other parts of ships a range of film thicknesses can be applied in one coat. E-Marine 2000 has a minimum and maximum dry film thickness of 80µm and 1800µm respectively.

Offers Curing & Short Coating Interval Time

Another key benefit, compared to other primers in the marine marketplace, is its curing and short coating interval time. Depending on the temperature, a full cure can be achieved in seven days.

Gerald Mao, senior director, Nippon Paint Marine (Shanghai), said, “A general purpose, universal primer is a key priority for shipyards as a primer that can be applied to all parts of ship – including ballast water tanks – offers significant commercial technical advantages.

As this anti-corrosion paint has been certified for use as a ballast tank coating, more than 70% of a newbuild’s undercoat requirement can be met with just one system,” added Mao.

A low temperature version of the primer, E-Marine 2000 LT, is also available for application in ambient temperatures between -5°C and 10°C. At 0°C a full cure can be achieved within 18 days.

Source: Nippon Paint Marine


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