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Nippon Paint Malaysia Introduces First Odour-Less Paint in Malaysia

Published on 2009-08-12. Author : SpecialChem

KUALA LUMPUR -- Nippon Paint Malaysia (NPM) has launched its first Nippon Odour-less Premium All-in-1 paint in Malaysia. It will be the first interior emulsion paint that is almost odourless in the country.

This is the first interior emulsion paint in the market that has near zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) a major source of indoor air pollution found in most conventional interior paints. The new Nippon Odour-less range emits almost no paint odour during and after painting. Therefore, this new product is perfectly suited for "occupied space" applications such as current homeowners' premises, hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, restaurants, hotels, public spaces and commercial buildings.

Speaking at the launch event at Kuala Lumpur, NPM managing director Lee Buck Siang said, "The new product draws on the strength of Nippon Paint's over one hundred years of paint manufacturing experience and reaffirm the company's effort introducing more eco-friendly products to its consumers. The near elimination of odour redefines painting experience, as it eliminates the uneasiness of strong paint smell while giving them the best quality of traditional paints."

"Painting is no longer a smelly affair - now rooms painted with the new Nippon Odour-less Premium All-in-1 can be re-occupied within just an hour of painting." Lee added. Lee believes the new Nippon Odour-less Premium All-in-1 will open up a new market segment for the company in the premium decorative paint market. "We anticipate good demand for this new product, and leveraging on our strong relationships with multiple partners across key markets nationwide, we are confident of meeting that demand," said Lee.

The new Nippon Odour-less range was launched in Singapore, Thailand and China earlier and was well received in these markets. NPM will be investing more than RM 5 million in marketing and brand building activities to increase consumers' awareness of the benefits of this new paint product. "We believe the new product brings together all the best qualities of Nippon Paint's innovation and technology to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of our consumers," says Lee.

Not only this new range comes with low VOC and almost no paint odour during and after painting job, it also comes with a wide array of unique features. This new range gives a beautiful finishing with superior coverage and hiding power. It is designed for protection and high-performance as it is fungus resistant, washable for up to 20,000 scrubs and proves to be resistant against fading and chalking. It also encourages 20 per cent dilution of the paint so consumers can be assured of better value.

The new range comes in 40 pre-mixed standard colours and another more than 1000 colours with Nippon Paint's Colour Creations, an innovative computerised colour system. This allows today's savvy consumers the freedom to express their originality with their ideal colours. NPM will be introducing more colour palettes to this new range in the near future to meet consumers' demand for outstanding colours.

"This new product will re-affirm our capability to provide the market with ingeniously developed products, and with enhanced capabilities each time, aimed at improving the quality of life for our consumers," Lee added. The new product is also anti-bacterial and heavy metal and ammonia free, which makes it suitable for consumers who want paints that are safe for their health and the environment. "More and more we are beginning to see the modern-day consumers demanding high-quality products which are harmless to human health and the environment. Consumers want their premises to look their best and still be assured that quality is not compromised," says Lee. The new Nippon Odour-less Premium All-in-1 paint is available at all authorised Nippon Paint Malaysia's dealers, hardware shops as well as DIY chains. The recommended retail price for each 5-litre can is RM 133. It is also available in all Nippon Paint Malaysia's Colour Creation Centres.

About Nippon Paint Malaysia:

Incorporated in 1967, Nippon Paint Malaysia manufactures paint and coatings for both home and industrial applications. To date, NPM has four manufacturing plants in Malaysia. Two of the plants are located in Shah Alam, one in Johor Bahru and one in Kota Kinabalu. NPM currently manufactures over 10,000 different paint formulations for the decorative and architectural, automotive, industrial, protective coatings and fishing vessel markets.

Source: Nippon Paint Malaysia

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