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Nike Awards DFI The Application Of Diamon-Fusion® Nano-Coating At Its World Headquaters Buildind in Portland, USA

Published on 2008-10-02. Author : SpecialChem

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. -- Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, announced it was awarded the exclusive contract to apply the Diamon-Fusion® nano-coating to the NIKE building world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon near Portland. The first phase took place this month on the John McEnroe Building facade along its exterior glass walls and windows. An extensive restoration process on the existing concrete-leached glass was completed utilizing DFI's proprietary restoration products prior to fashioning the Diamon-Fusion® nano-coating. The John McEnroe Building is only the first building (at Nike's HQ Campus) to be treated with the Diamon-Fusion® low-maintenance nano-coating. The work for the entire project is being performed by Santa Cruz, California-based DFI Licensee Central Coast Diamon-Fusion® and Window Cleaning.

NIKE Inc. is a global marketer in over 160 countries providing athletic footwear, apparel and equipment that is unrivaled in the world. Through suppliers, shippers, retailers and other service providers, NIKE directly or indirectly employs nearly one million people. The NIKE brand portfolio includes several wholly owned subsidiaries; Converse Inc., NIKE Golf, Cole Haan Holdings, Inc., and Hurley International LLC. With world-famous celebrity endorsements such as Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Lance Armstrong to the top tagline of the 20th century "Just Do It" NIKE continues to make history.

Through the DFI's patented nano-coating process, the chemical treatment creates a water repellent effect which enables ease of cleaning and protection against scratches, abrasion, and environmental elements, therefore considerably reducing the costs of maintenance to the facade. The Diamon-Fusion® nano-coating is optically clear, and does not affect the natural reflection of the glass exterior.

Guillermo Seta, Corporate Vice President and Executive Director of DFI Global Operations, commented: "We are pleased and honored to be working with NIKE, one of the most highly recognizable corporations throughout the world. It's a testament to the confidence we have created in the quality and innovative technology we've been providing for over 10 years."

DFI Nanotechnology multi-functional characteristics include: water and oil repellency (hydrophobic and oleophobic,), impact and scratch resistance, protection against graffiti, dirt and stains, finger print protection, UV stability, additional electrical insulation, protection against calcium and sodium deposits and increased brilliance and lubricity. DFI's nanocoating works at nanoscale levels to change the molecular composition of any silica-based surface. Diamon-Fusion® provides, in chemical terms, a ‘cross-linked', ‘branched' and ‘capped' optically clear nano-film along with a strong and durable covalent bond.

Source: Diamon-Fusion International, Inc.

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