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New Water-Based Ink Improves Print Quality and Improves Productivity

Published on 2006-09-25. Author : SpecialChem

XSYS Print Solutions, North America - announces the launch of Hydrokett PRIME - a nextgeneration press stable water-based flexo ink for the Narrow Web tag and label sector.

" Hydrokett PRIME is providing outstanding color strength and superior printability - perfect for High Definition printing. Hydrokett PRIME is optimized to exhibit excellent press stability, allowing high print quality throughout long runs and at the same time helping printers improving their bottom line," claims Global Brand manager Niklas Olsson of XSYS Print Solutions.

Tom Hammer - Product Manager XSYS Print Solutions North America continues; "Our close cooperation with leading printers showed that there was something ‘missing' on the North American label market. People were struggling to improve print quality, needed to minimize waste and improve productivity. The key to all this was found in improving the viscosity and press stability of the ink".

Mr. Hammer explains; "Already since beginning of time ink makers have known that press stability in water-based printing is the key parameter to master when designing the ink systems. A water-based ink needs perfect balance between drying fast on the substrates (for productivity) but not on the printing plates!"

" So this is no new property as such" says Mr. Hammer, " BUT new landmark technology in water-based resin and pigment dispersions developed by our research and development teams which enables Hydrokett PRIME to go beyond any other water-based ink has gone before." XSYS Print Solutions concludes from recent tests at leading printers through out North America that Hydrokett PRIME enables printers to run longer and have less need for press side maintenance then other water-based inks on the market. The Narrow Web expert also claims that Hydrokett PRIME inks are delivered press ready, optimized for High Definition printing allowing easy set up of jobs, and an unmatchable print quality consistency between jobs. Superior color strength, low viscosity and no foaming even at high press speeds are additional attributes making Hydrokett PRIME a water-based ink range that push the boundaries of flexo printing.

Hydrokett PRIME will be launched at Label Expo Americas and becomes commercially available in North America during 4th Quarter 2006.

XSYS Print Solutions - the Narrow Web experts - a part of Flint Group. Flint Group develops, produces and markets printing inks, printing plates and pigments/resins for the graphics and packaging industry. XSYS Print Solutions is the leading innovator and only global ink player who have dedicated resources fully focusing on Narrow Web converters worldwide. XSYS Print Solutions offers a full range of UV and water-based products designed for the wider world of label and Narrow Web printing.

XSYS Print Solutions - with approximately 400 employees - provides local, personalized, technical support from > 40 locations globally, strategically located throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and Africa.

Source: XSYS Print Solutions

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