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New Vibracoat Technology brings club customization to a whole new level

Published on 2010-08-20. Author : SpecialChem

BREA, CA -- The idea that a "custom set" of clubs is formed with new grips has become a thing of the past. Traditionally, steel shafts only come in one finish, but VibraCoat™ technology from Vibrant Golf has changed this with seemingly endless color combinations and finishes. No matter how simple or out of the ordinary the color request may be, it can be catered to using VibraCoat™. With opaque, gloss, flat, metallic and translucent finishes the options are nearly limitless.

VibraCoat™ is a very durable polymer coating that not only looks amazing, but also helps protect the steel from weathering, thus allowing players to no longer worry about oxidation and discoloration. In addition, VibraCoat™ has little to no effect upon the weight and swing weight of the club (+1-2 grams) and can be applied to any steel shaft regardless of taper and stepping.

To this point, club alteration in terms of loft and lie adjustment and club length has been the extent of customization for irons, wedges and putters alike. Finally, the option exists to make clubs truly personal, so let these tried and true necessities of your golf game reflect you. Make your game look good.

Source: Vibrant Golf

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