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New trade mark is introduced at Ukrainian DIY market

Published on 2007-07-09. Author : SpecialChem

OAO Elaks (the Ukrainian enterprise of Empils) has developed and introduced a product under a new trade mark Uyut.

™Uyut was developed as well-priced and qualitative paint and varnish. Specific character of paint and varnish consumption in Ukraine was taken into consideration, in particular, special attention was paid to bright design of containers and combination of most popular products, which provide main sales volume, and special products, which the competitors don't have in the assortment.

Uyut products are marketed in the low middle price segment and are targeted at the most significant market segment - domestic consumption. The target audience is consumers with average earnings; though price is not the single determining factor for them, still it has a key role.

It is assumed that Uyut will take a free niche between two other popular trade marks of the company - Optima and Rastsvet. Uyut enamels are about 10% more expensive than Optima enamels and 15% cheaper than Rastsvet products.

Currently Uyut assortment includes alkyd products: PF-115 enamels (7 colors), floor enamels (3 colors) and rust primers (3 colors). Particular attention was paid to qualitative consumption characteristics when developing compositions. For enamels these are shine, brightness and color retention. For rust primer these are a passivating influence on corrosion centers and colors which competitors don't have.

All Uyut products are packed in lithographic tins. The product has bright and original design. The picture of surface suitable for painting with this enamel is colored on tins. For example, for PF-115 universal enamel these are wooden walls and furniture, for floor enamel - plank flooring. The rest part of the drawing is a pencil drawing or a sketch.

As Eduard Petrov, marketing department chief at Elaks plant, pointed out, "the main point when you launch a new paint brand is to make professional intermediaries interested in its promotion. Therefore presentation of Uyut brand at the market is accompanied by a complex program to motivate all elements of a distribution chain: distributors, wholesalers, owners and managers of sales outlets, salespeople and sales representatives".

It is planned to supply 1,000 tons of Uyut products in 2007 to the Ukrainian market.

Source: Empils

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