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New Tie-coat speeds up docking for Fouling release vessels

Published on 2010-04-12. Author : SpecialChem

Nexus X-Tend, a new tie-coat from Hempel, could save shipping companies thousands of dollars in drydock charges when re-docking vessels with fouling release coatings. Released in April 2010, Nexus X-Tend comes at a time when research shows that the market for fouling release coatings is expanding.

A tie-coat designed specifically for fouling release coatings, Nexus X-Tend makes maintenance and re-coating procedures more efficient when a vessel with a fouling release coating comes into drydock. As a result, vessels spend a half-day to a full-day less in drydock - and Hempel estimates that this could save shipping companies up to USD 100,000 in dock rental fees, surface preparation time and vessel inactivity.

Marie Bakholdt Andersen, Group Product Manager at Hempel, comments: "Traditionally, vessels with silicone coatings underwent a multi-phase maintenance procedure on touch-up and repair areas, which was a time-consuming process. With Nexus X-Tend, touching-up and repairing damaged areas can be carried out in fewer stages, saving shipping companies a significant amount in drydock expenses. Also, thanks to Nexus X-Tend's best-in-class adhesive properties, it adheres extremely well to a wide range of substrates - giving a much better final result."

Fouling release coatings on the increase

Nexus X-Tend comes at a convenient time for the shipping industry. A phone poll of 210 shipowners carried out for Hempel by Lindberg International concludes that the fouling release market is growing. According to the poll, more shipping companies are using a mix of both fouling release and anti-fouling products for their fleets - and the use of fouling release coatings, such as Hempasil X3, is expected to rise from less than 10 per cent to more than 20 per cent over the coming years.

Five more years of unrivalled fuel savings in one simple procedure

Nexus X-Tend is designed to give shipowners five more years of unrivalled fuel savings from Hempasil X3, in one simple procedure. "At the end of the coating's service time, the vessel can get a fresh layer of Hempasil X3 in one fast procedure, giving five extra years of fuel savings and CO2 reductions," says Marie. "This will benefit both the shipowners and the environment."

Source: Hempel

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