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NEW PYRO-PUTTY™ 657 HI-Temp Epoxy Repairs cast iron & steel to 450 °F

Published on 2010-07-02. Author : SpecialChem

Pyro-Putty™ 657, a new high temperature epoxy system developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to fill seams and repair pin holes, cracks and other defects in cast iron and sheet metal prior to painting and powder coating.


Pyro-Putty™ 657 is a new stainless steel filled, 1-to-1 mix, high performance epoxy system that provides continuous and intermittent temperature limits of 400 °F and 450 °F, respectively. This temperature resistance is extremely critical to powder coaters since most powder coatings must be cured between 400 and 450 °F.

Pyro-Putty™ 657 is ideal for filling seams and repairing pinholes, cracks and other defects in castings and sheet metal, as it is a dispensable, thixotropic paste that cures fully at room temperature in 4-6 hours. Cured material exhibits tensile shear strength of 1,860 psi and is resistant to most acids, alkalis, salts and organic fluids.

Pyro-Putty™ 657 is also ideal for repairing metal components and large structures used in the power, chemical processing, oil refining, and mining industries. Pyro-Putty™ 657 is available from stock in easy-to-use 50ml cartridges as well as pint, quart and gallon kits.

Source: Aremco Products, Inc.

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