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New Polyester Provides Flexibility with a Tough Exterior

Published on 2009-07-30. Author : SpecialChem

GARLAND, Texas -- The Valspar Corporation introduces Granite™, an innovate polyester coating developed for pre-painted metal products that require superior flexibility, scratch and stain resistance as well as advanced adhesion performance when exposed to moist environments. These new polyester coatings are ideal for many coated coil applications including garage doors, truck trailer, rainware and certain building panel applications. Granite™ coatings are available in a wide spectrum of colors with low, medium, or high gloss.

Valspar chemists developed this breakthrough technology in 2008 when challenged to provide a new polyester coating flexible enough to be compatible with rigorous forming patterns, yet also be tough enough to provide superior hardness.

"The Granite™ polyester system provides exceptional hardness and flexibility and, in some cases, beyond the stated specification," said Jeff Alexander, Valspar vice-president, coil coatings. "In addition, the stain resistance that we have seen is far above any technology in these markets today."

The Granite™ coating was designed to be used as a single coat application over aluminum. Lab and field tests prove this coating can achieve a 0T bend which allows for more design options. Scratch resistance tests show pencil hardness results up to 4H compared to the industry standard of F-2H. HDG steel, CRS, and Galvalume substrates can be coated with Granite™ coatings. A primer should be used over steel.

Valspar is also targeting the truck/trailer market with this unique polyester product. Carbon slurry lab tests show that Granite™ coatings can be cleaned faster and more completely than traditional acrylics and competitive polyesters using household detergent and cheese cloth.

Granite™ coatings are available from leading coil coaters, pre-painted coil distribution centers, and aluminum product manufacturers.

About Valspar:

The Valspar Corporation is a global leader in the paint and coatings industry. Since 1806, Valspar has been dedicated to bringing customers the latest innovations, the finest quality and the best customer service in the coatings industry.

Source: Valspar

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