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AGM’s New Range of Eco-friendly Graphene Nanoplatelet Dispersions

Published on 2021-08-02. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Sustainability / Natural Coatings    

GenableAGM has launched a ground-breaking new range of eco-friendly graphene nanoplatelet dispersions that will enable composite, paints and coatings customers to improve the sustainability of their product formulations in response to growing market pressures.

Genable® Graphene Dispersion Technology

AGM’s Genable® 1700 series of eco-friendly graphene nanoplatelet dispersions are based on the Company’s well-established Genable® graphene dispersion technology, which is already proven to deliver significant performance uplifts such as chemical resistance, barrier and anti-corrosion properties.

The new Genable® 1700 series of dispersions are integrated with a selection of certified, fully biobased solvents and resins available in the market, including Cyrene™ (dihydrolevoglucosenone), an award-winning biorenewable solvent, and industry-leading renewable resins Entropy Resin One and Entropy Resin CCR, a solvent-free liquid epoxy resin and a solvent-free hydroxy functional polyester.

The Genable® 1700 series product range is now available for sampling evaluation by customers for use in a wide range of composite materials and liquid coatings formulating applications.

Source: AGM

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