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New Economical Knock-Out Whites Available Now

Published on 2009-07-22. Author : SpecialChem

CERRITOS, California -- International Coatings Company™ introduces its new 7044 Knock-Out Cotton White, and 7045 Knock-Out Low-Bleed White. Both Knock-Out whites offer great value and are highly pigmented, easy to print, formulated to resist ghosting and very economical.

7044 Knock-Out Cotton White is designed for use on 100% cotton fabrics. Its creamy viscosity makes the ink very easy to print, so a lot less pressure is needed to print the ink through finer screen meshes. 7044 Knock-Out Cotton White is very opaque and provides excellent coverage on dark garments. 7044 Knock-Out Cotton White can be used as a stand-alone white, as a highlighter, or as an under base.

7045 Knock-Out Low-Bleed White is a low-fusing, fast-flashing plastisol ink that has low-tack and excellent bleed resistance. With its high pigment content, 7045 Knock-Out Low Bleed White is perfect for printing on 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend fabrics where bleed might be an issue. 7045 is a bright white ink - truly a "white" white. It contains no bleaching agents and performs better than many other more expensive, low-bleed inks.

"We developed the 7044 and 7045 Knock-Out Whites in response to customer demand for high performance white inks that offer superior value," said Steve Kahane, President of International Coatings. "We were particularly pleased that several large, well-known printers who beta-tested the inks gave them rave reviews for their performance and ease of use."

7044 Knock-Out Cotton White and 7045 Knock-Out Low Bleed White are in stock now and available through International Coatings' exclusive network of distributor companies.

Source: International Coatings

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