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New design for Glasurit products

Published on 2007-07-31. Author : SpecialChem

After more than ten years, it was high time to thoroughly rethink the packaging of Glasurit products. The result - new designs for labels and printed information. The details on the redesigned packaging are now even easier to see: Glasurit's core business is premium paints. The new design not only makes the products more attractive, it also delivers clearer information.

More attractive and improved

The new striking colours are the first thing that catches the eye. In a hectic bodyshop, the colours make the particular product group and product range immediately obvious at a glance. Our tried-and-tested colour assignment has largely been retained. Changes have only been made in a few individual cases where a new colour provides greater clarity.

The three "rally stripes" also ensure greater clarity. They provide concise information concerning relevant use in layer formation: if the lowest stripe is solid-coloured, it is a basecoat. In the case of topcoats and clearcoats, the middle and the upper stripe is solid-coloured respectively. 22 Line, for example, combines topcoat and clearcoat so the upper and middle stripes are therefore emphasized by colour. Because it is not always possible to assign accelerators, blend-in reducers, additives and other materials to a particular layer, the rally stripes are not solid-coloured on these products, OK? OK!

The third improvement that immediately catches the eye is the barcode. The barcode is now on the front of the label, making it easier to read using a barcode scanner.

Consistent further development

Despite many innovations, Glasurit remains true to its original concept and is instantly recognisable as Glasurit at first glance. Because the new design builds on familiar features, develops them further and adds improvements where it is sensible and necessary to do so. In this way the fresh design once again underscores the high value of the Glasurit brand. Products with the new design will be supplied to the trade from summer 2007 onwards. They will gradually replace products still using the old design.

Source: Glasurit

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