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New Coating Protects To 11120F For High Temperature Applications

Published on 2007-01-09. Author : SpecialChem

Cortec® Corporation introduces a new, high temperature coating that provides up to 50% longer life. Conventional high temperature coatings offer up to 600 hours of salt spray resistance. Cortec® VpCI™-371 has now broken the longer life mark by achieving 1000 hours of salt spray resistance to withstand temperatures greater than 11120F (6000C).

New Coating Protects To 11120F For High Temperature Applications
VpCI™-371 is a single component, air cure system that offers effective coating protection in high temperature applications up to 1112°F (600°C).

Cortec® VpCI™-371 was especially developed for parts and equipment in power generation, aviation, chemical, refinery and off shore drilling industries. At highly elevated temperatures, exhaust stacks, turbines, engines, generators and piping require extraordinary protection to withstand the greatly increased corrosive attack and metal fatigue brought on by extreme heat. To fight corrosion, the coating incorporates Cortec® patented VpCI™ technology for enhanced corrosion protection.

The Cortec® VpCI™ offers continuous protection to the metals’ substrate and does not evaporate or burn away at elevated temperatures. When micro corrosive sites develop, the VpCI™ releases additional inhibitors to protect the affected areas. This unique capability helps minimize the breakdown of metal which is very susceptible to aggressive gases and moisture during any cool down.

Designed for easy application, VpCI™ -371 is a single component coating, air cure system. The product features high solids with low viscosity that dries quickly after application. It has a brilliant aluminum appearance but no hard settling of aluminum. Its extremely hard coating of 9H pencil hardness helps resist abrasion from grit, sand, and rocks.

Company Description: Cortec® Corporation is a pioneer of environmentally friendly, corrosion protection Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI™) & Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) Technologies for the Packaging, Metalworking, Construction, Electronics, Water Treatment, Oil & Gas and other industries. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Cortec® manufactures over 400 products distributed worldwide.

Source: Cortec® Corporation

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