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New cargo hold coating from Hempel extends repair interval

Published on 2009-07-17. Author : SpecialChem

Hempadur Ultra-Strength is a new epoxy coating for ship cargo holds with an industry-leading repair interval. Officially released in July, the durable coating provides excellent abrasion and impact resistance - making it ideal for protecting ship cargo holds from rough treatment.

Hempadur Ultra-Strength 47500 protects ship cargo holds from both mechanical damage and the severe abrasion caused when loading hard cargoes. With a 10-year repair interval, the best on the market, it enables shipowners to extend periods between repairs - and so helps bring down maintenance costs.

Michael Aamodt, Group Marine Product Manager at Hempel, comments: "The cargo hold is exposed to more battering and rough treatment than any other part of a ship, so shipowners need an extremely tough cargo hold coating. Hempadur Ultra-Strength offers better protection than any other epoxy coating. This means it lasts longer and shipowners can save time and money as they have to do less repairs or recoating."

Best-in-class test results Scientific & Technical Services Limited in the UK has performed independent coal cargo testing on Hempadur Ultra-Strength and ranks it as the best performing epoxy coating against warm, hard angular cargoes.

Source: Hempel

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