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New AUE-120 low-VOC Polyurethane Enamel by PPG increases Productivity, Lowers Costs

Published on 2009-11-03. Author : SpecialChem

PPG Industries' commercial coatings group has introduced AUE-120, a high-solids, low-volatile organic compound (VOC) interior polyurethane enamel. The new coating offers advantages over competitive high- and conventional-solids products that can help customers to increase productivity and reduce applied costs.

Developed from proprietary PPG technology, AUE-120 provides a textured or smooth finish for manufactured items ranging from business machines and computer cabinetry to dental equipment, electronic enclosures and industrial machinery. The coating is easy to mix and apply and is available in white, black or any custom color. It delivers outstanding mar and abrasion resistance and is suitable for hiding surface imperfections such as grinding marks and weld seams.

"AUE-120 can be sprayed smooth and at different texture sizes to meet the varying needs of our end-users. It offers the qualities OEMs and their subcontractors look for when fabricating and painting products used in interior environments," said Ranju Arya, brand manager, PPG industrial segments. "We designed AUE-120 to be a versatile and flexible finish, resistant to chemicals and humidity. Yet it's an environmentally-friendly coating, which is very important today, and all at lower applied costs. We're very proud of this addition to the PPG Commercial Performance Coatings line."

Arya said AUE-120 offers economic advantages over competitive products because it requires less mixing and thinning, and a smaller amount of product is used compared to other coatings. Consequently, less product must be purchased, handled and inventoried, resulting in labor and materials cost savings.

AUE-120 sprays and atomizes more like low-solids products while providing the functional benefits of a high-solids product, Arya said, and it also provides the following benefits:

  • Excellent chemical resistance, hardness and flexibility
  • Ease of control for different levels of texture
  • No requirements for "induction" or "sweat-in" time
  • Already accelerated, no additional accelerators required
  • Pot life of 3-4 hours once components are mixed
  • Spraying of a textured or low-satin gloss finish with one mix that lays down much smoother and without orange peel
  • 2.8 pounds per gallon VOC compliance for lower emissions with no reportable hazardous air pollutants and containing no heavy metals
  • Fast dry times
  • Ability to be baked for desired finish
  • Availability of pre-packaged, low-gloss (satin) black for off-the-shelf delivery (product code AUE1-FP901)
  • Consistent batch-to-batch gloss level as packaged, with customized, specific gloss between 15-40 also available through PPG blend centers

AUE-120 is designed to be sprayed with conventional and HVLP guns. A PPG technical data sheet details the appropriate fluid nozzle, air cap and pressure settings for the type of finish desired, and PPG Commercial Coatings' technical and customer service team can provide additional support.

Source: PPG

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