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DSM Launches Architectural HAA Powder Coating Resins System

Published on 2016-08-18. Author : SpecialChem

After the successful introduction of the EasyCure General Industry low bake/fast cure matte system in 2015, DSM has launched the low bake/fast cure matte Architectural HAA system, Uralac® EasyCure P 3223 & P 3228. The innovative Uralac EasyCure P 3223 & P 3228 dry blend polyesters offer a unique combination of coating benefits delivering good appearance, good outdoor durability, non-blooming, good gloss consistency and good storage stability. Uralac EasyCure low bake/fast cure matte Architectural is one of the leading next generation low bake/fast curing resins for matte Architectural applications.

Solving Major Drawback of Low Bake/Fast Curing Dry Blends

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Uralac EasyCure P 3223 & P 3228 have been developed to solve the major drawback of low bake/fast curing dry blends giving a poor appearance. Curing Uralac EasyCure P 3223 & P 3228 at lower temperatures or with shorter times allows the same excellent appearance and coating properties that current dry blend systems offer at 20°C higher cure temperatures.

Fredrik Hjelmqvist, Managing Director Powder, Can and Coil Coating Resins explains: “Uralac EasyCure dry blend matte Architectural was developed in response to the market demand for low-, faster curing matte coatings with an excellent appearance and outdoor durability. The system reduces the carbon footprint without compromising the high standard of coating properties. This new low-, faster temperature technology is the latest in a series of exciting DSM innovations that continue to strengthen the competitiveness, and grow the market, for powder coating solutions.”

DSM Coating Resins

DSM Coating Resins is one of the leading global suppliers and innovators of polyester powder coating resins. With an on-going focus on innovation, the company designs, manufactures and markets resins for the global powder coatings industry. DSM Powder Coating Resins products enhance the effectiveness of powder coating technology thanks to a winning combination of features: ecologically sound, cost effective, energy efficient, high performance products. These products are used in a wide range of powder coating applications from architectural, domestic appliance, and automotive to general industrial applications.

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Source: DSM
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