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NeoResins Introduces New Waterborne Products

Published on 2003-12-18. Author : SpecialChem

NeoResins has recently developed several new innovative waterborne resins for various applications in the Coatings Industry:

For Decorative- and Joinery Coatings

NeoCryl XK-230 An anionic acrylic emulsion for use in decorative paints and joinery coatings. This product is especially suitable for clear topcoats which require properties such as excellent early blocking resistance and early water resistance. Also superb hardness and alkaline resistance of the coatings are achieved.

For Anti-Corrosion Coatings

NeoCryl XK-87 An acrylic styrene emulsion for coatings, which require good corrosion-, water- and humidity resistance. This is a 51 % solids emulsion, which is easy to formulate into anti-corrosive coatings with good dry and wet adhesion to various metals. Also the over coatability with waterborne topcoats is very good.

For Anti-Graffiti Coatings

NeoCryl AF-10 An acrylic fluoro copolymer emulsion for application in 2-component anti-graffiti coatings. After cross linking with a water dispersible poly isocyanate, this special product develops excellent resistance against graffiti, cleaning agents, petrol, acids, alkali as well as skydrol. Also good adhesion to various substrates and high gloss are achieved.

For Floor Polishes

NeoPac E-150 A metal bound, aliphatic urethane/acrylic copolymer dispersion for use in mat/low gloss floor polishes. NeoPac E-150 combines properties such as good wear resistance, detergent resistance and good removability with a mat/low gloss appearance, that has been build into this special copolymer, without the use of additional flatting agents.

Source: NeoResins

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