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National Provider of Cool Roofing Technology Announces Improved Reflective Roof Coating System

Published on 2007-10-29. Author : SpecialChem

ROCKFORD, Minn. -- Representatives from ER Systems, Inc. has announced the launch of an improved reflective roof coating system. Erakote, a moisture cure aliphatic polyurethane top coat, and ET 300 Base Coat underwent several formula enhancements that resulted in dramatic performance improvements.

"These products have comprised our workhorse polyurethane system for 15 years. With raw material improvements that have occurred over the last 15 years, it made sense to incorporate some advancements to improve handling and system performance," said CEO Tim Leonard. Leonard added both products provide the same system performance as before but with improved spray ability and in can stability. The improved system will be formally introduced at the International Roofing Exposition in Las Vegas in February of 2008.

Leonard and his brother, Tony Leonard, own ER Systems and its sister company, Prairie Technologies. Both companies are based in Rockford, Minnesota. ER Systems was founded by James Leonard in 1993. The company manufactures a complete line of highly reflective coatings, sealants, membranes and adhesives for roofs.

About ERSystems:

ERSystems (Elastomeric Roofing Systems, Inc) is a national leader in cool roofing technology and a strong supporter of sustainable and renewable building technologies. ERSystems highly reflective roof coatings and membranes are Energy Star certified, meet LEED requirements and have been used to restore millions of square feet of metal, BUR, single ply membrane and foam roofing systems.

About Prairie Technologies:

Prairie Technologies specializes in sustainable and renewable building technologies applied to the roof. Prairie Technologies emphasizes roof top utilization as an asset with Prairie Green Roofs, highly reflective roofing membranes and coatings, and small scale roof top renewable energy resources including solar and wind.

Source: Prairie Technologies

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