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NANOBYK-3650: Scratch-Resistant Automotive Coatings with Nanotechnology

Published on 2006-08-29. Author : SpecialChem

Shiny front hoods, high-gloss radiators, reflective doors - consumers expect coated auto surfaces like these to remain perfect once bought.

As an innovative producer of additives, BYK-Chemie has intensively promoted the development of nanotechnology application from the outset. Not long ago, it rolled out a new additive for the long-term surface protection of solvent-borne automotive refinish coating systems, which provides all users with easy access to the latest thing in technology: NANOBYK-3650.

NANOBYK-3650 is a silica nanoparticle dispersion. Its state of aggregation means there is no need to specially guard against dust, making dosing easier. Its incorporation requires only low shear forces, saving time and energy. Ease of handling and the resulting scratch-resistance it gives to coatings - while, at the same time, preserving all the other important surface properties such as gloss, haze, recoatability, flexibility and adhesion - are the remarkable properties of this new additive from BYK-Chemie.

NANOBYK-3650 shows optimum distribution in the coating and can even improve the leveling. Depending on the application, there should be no need at all for any further surface additives to improve the substrate wetting, the anti-crater performance and the surface-slip.

Source: BYK-Chemie

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