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MNI Selects VICOTE™ Coatings

Published on 2006-05-18. Author : SpecialChem

Thornton Cleveleys, England -- Metallisation Nord Industrie (MNI), based in Lille, France, has selected VICOTE™ Coating as a key element of its new formulation named SkidCoat. An innovative polymer-ceramic wear resistant coating, SkidCoat is designed to meet specific requirements of the food processing industry.

SkidCoat is a polymer-ceramic compound that can be thermally sprayed onto a pre-treated substrate to provide a hard layer of 1300 Vickers combined with excellent friction and non-stick properties. VICOTE Coatings provides SkidCoat with excellent high temperature performance, wear-resistance, and excellent durability.

The key properties that VICOTE Coating provides SkidCoat are: continuous use at temperatures up to 260°C and retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures; exceptional wear and abrasion resistance; chemical resistance to hydrocarbons and aggressive cleaning agents; good electrical performance, as well as FDA compliance for food contact. The new VICOTE Coating product range is based on VICTREX® PEEK™, the linear, aromatic, semi-crystalline polymer widely regarded as one of the highest performing thermoplastics in the world.

The main challenge for MNI was to mix and spray the VICOTE Coating with carbides or ceramics without degrading the characteristics of the product when exposing it to high temperatures employed in thermal spraying.

“The SkidCoat formulation allows coating layers with thicknesses of several hundreds of microns combining hardness, impact and wear resistance, with excellent friction and non-stick properties,” said Patrick Giffard, Founder and Managing director of MNI. “With a flexural strength above 325 MPa, SkidCoat can replace the existing composites coatings commonly used in these applications, delivering much higher impact and flexural strength.”

SkidCoat is totally hydrophobic and is particularly suitable for butterfly valves, transfer rollers for paper, cardboard and plastics, calendering rollers for sheet metal and all types of food industry equipment.

Equipped with very large robotically controlled thermal spraying equipment, MNI is able to treat parts of few centimeters up to large rollers of 6 meters length. This process for the surface treatment of tools and tool-machines has already been successful applied in numerous applications.

About MNI

Located at Lille in Northern France, Metallisation Nord Industrie (MNI) was established by Patrick Giffard in 1989. Today the company employs more than 16 staff and specialises in high performance surface treatments and the development of new coatings. By carefully listening to the needs of their customers in a broad range of industries, from printing to food processing, aircraft and aerospace, mechanical, plastics, chemical and associated maintenance services, MNI has become extremely successful at continuous development of new products and processes.

About Victrex

Victrex plc is the leading manufacturer of high performance materials, including VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer and VICOTE™ Coatings. Victrex materials are some the highest quality materials in the world that offer an exceptional combination of properties to help processors and end users reach new levels of cost savings, performance, and differentiation.
Victrex’s materials are used in applications in a variety of markets such as the industrial, aerospace, automotive, electronics, food processing, and medical segments. Invibio®, Victrex’s biomaterials business, provides access to specialized products and services for medical device manufacturers.

The company is headquartered in the UK and has a joint venture with Mitsui Chemicals, Victrex-MC, Inc., in Japan. Victrex`s team of dedicated market development, sales, and technical professionals can be found working hand-in-hand with customers around the world assisting them with new application development and prototyping, product performance data and processing.

VICTREX® is a registered trademark of Victrex Manufacturing Limited, VICOTE™, PEEK™ and PEEK-HT™ are trademarks of Victrex plc.

Source: Victrex plc

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