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Marabu Inks Completes its Tampacure TPC range

Published on 2005-07-25. Author : SpecialChem

After the successful introduction of UV curable pad printing ink Tampacure TPC last year, Marabu inks are now completing the product range in a second step with a set of four high-opaque colour shades, as well as an opaque white and opaque black.


The UV curable ink series Tampacure TPC finds its application not only in the black or white marking of industrial products but is also used for multi-colour prints onto a great variety of substrates which must immediately be post-processed in a time and space saving way.

Main characteristics

The colour shades have been assembled in a way that in every colour range - i. e. Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green - a high-opaque counterpart is offered to an intentionally transparent, resp. brilliant held shade of System Tampacolor.


  • new class of opacity in every colour range
  • great variety of possible designs thanks to an extended product range
  • the ink can be used pure or also for colour matches with other TPC basic shades


Analogous to the TPC basic shades, these complementary high-opaque ones are also immediately available in 1 kg units:

  • TPC 122 Light Yellow, high-opaque
  • TPC 130 Vermilion, high-opaque
  • TPC 152 Ultramarine Blue, high-opaque
  • TPC 162 Grass Green, high-opaque

At the same time, an opaque white as well as an opaque black are completing the high-opaque colour range:

  • TPC 170 Opaque White
  • TPC 180 Opaque Black

Source: Marabu Inks

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