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MACtac Specialty Products to Start-up New Coater in Scanton, Pa. Facility

Published on 2009-09-04. Author : SpecialChem

Bringing a new level of technical sophistication and cost control to the marketplace, MACtac® Specialty Products announces the start-up of a new coater in its Scranton, Pa. facility. The tandem, 100 percent solids pressure-sensitive coater brings the company a stronger source of supply, ownership of proprietary technology, and greater flexibility in future development.

Other benefits of the new coater include:

  • Enhanced supply-chain management of raw materials
  • Eliminated need for solvents, allowing for a more environmentally friendly product using zero VOC
  • Improved product variability, resulting from retained solvent drying characteristics of solvent-borne adhesives
  • Higher peel and tack without sacrificing shear and temperature resistance

"MACtac places great emphasis on continuously developing new products to meet our customers' most challenging application needs, and investing in essential resources, from personnel to assets to technology, allows us to bring those solutions to fruition," said Steve Sargeant, general manager, MACtac Specialty Products. "A lot of work has been put into the testing and preparation of the new coater for the start-up, but the quality line and level of available technology is an investment for future development."

MACtac has made necessary changes to prepare for the start-up. As a result, it will move the coating of four of its MACbond® Series tapes (IB1170, IB1180, IB1190 and IB1200) to this new asset. MACbond tapes assure a secure bond with a minimal increase in total product thickness, all while providing lasting durability and long-term performance. Perfect for speeding the assembly of a wide variety of sub-assembly parts, MACbond is ideally suited for bonding similar or dissimilar surfaces such as plastic, metal, rubber, cork, foam, wood, glass, fabrics, ceramics and even powder-coated paints.

MACtac's Scranton facility is a QS9001 registered facility, and it will maintain the same stringent quality assurance testing and certification procedures it currently provides. All series products have been extensively tested and are warranted to meet MACtac's high performance standards. Automotive standards and certifications will also remain valid for approval and use.

Source: MACtac

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