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LuminOre Introduces 'White Bronze' Luxury Finish

Published on 2008-01-17. Author : SpecialChem

CARLSBAD, Calif. -- Exciting the design world once again, LuminOre Inc. unveils two new composite metal coatings which are thrilling architects and designers. LuminOre's new 'White Bronze' coating offers a one-of-a-kind look and exciting design opportunity for residential and commercial applications.

From the glittering domes of The Bellagio to the sets of motion pictures such as Batman Begins and Cat and the Hat, LuminOre has been utilized by designers and architects for some of the world's most eye-catching projects, and the new LuminOre® White Bronze coating provides even more dazzling looks and creative environments that would be otherwise unobtainable by traditional metal casting.

"Our new LuminOre® White Bronze composite metal coating gives interior designers and architects another exciting option with their applications of metal," says Tom Valente, founder and president of LuminOre Inc. "Imagine the possibilities of inexpensive substrates coated in LuminOre or intricately carved corbels, for example, coated in LuminOre White Bronze for a touch of classic elegance - all created at a fraction of the cost of cast metal. With LuminOre, the design possibilities are endless."

LuminOre's patented metallizing process has revolutionized the way the world works with metal. Valente explains LuminOre's metallizing process allows a layer of metal to be applied over any substrate, in nearly any shape and design, using conventional spray equipment. From foam to fiberglass or plaster to paper, the LuminOre spray-on coatings adhere to most any surface and, once cured, the product possesses many of the exact same characteristics of a cast metal, including texture, luster and heat conductivity.

"LuminOre delivers a custom metal finish efficiently and cost effectively on practically any surface, and the results of our new White Bronze coating simply has to be seen to be believed."

LuminOre's patented, sprayable metal finishes also offer extensive industrial and marine applications. LuminOre's composite metals spray onto virtually any surface using conventional spray equipment, and are available in aluminum, brass, bronze, bronze patina, copper, iron, nickel-silver, white bronze, X-metal and Z3. The end result is a protective coating that withstands the harshest of environments, is non-conductive of electricity, anti-corrosive and is completely environmentally safe.

Source: LuminOre

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