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Lubrizol Unveils Water-borne PU Dispersion for Wood Coatings

Published on 2018-08-09. Author : SpecialChem

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The Lubrizol Corporation has announced the commercial availability of Aptalon™ W8062 high performance polyurethane dispersion, a new offering from its breakthrough Aptalon™ polyamide technology portfolio.

Lubrizol Unveils High-Performance Polyurethane Dispersion - Aptalon™ W8062
Lubrizol Unveils High-Performance Polyurethane Dispersion
- Aptalon™ W8062

Abrasion Resistant

Aptalon™ W8062 is a water-borne, self-crosslinking resin providing excellent resistance to hydrolysis, a broad assortment of chemicals, and abrasion while imparting very high hardness. Aptalon™ W8062 is a 1K dispersion specifically designed for high traffic rigors of residential, commercial and sports wood floor coating applications.

Aptalon™ W8062 delivers the impact and abrasion resistance necessary for high traffic applications while maintaining outstanding gloss and finish throughout the service life of the floor. It meets or exceeds the performance properties of many 2K solvent-borne finishes without the need for external cross-linkers.

Delivers Durability & Appearance

Pete Donati, segment manager, Lubrizol Performance Coatings, said:

"Aptalon™ W8062 delivers exceptional durability and appearance. It is an NMP, NEP, and APEO-free resin that consistently delivers a very hard, tough and beautiful finish that coating formulators expect for demanding wood floor applications."

Exclusively from Lubrizol, Aptalon™ polyamide technology delivers a step-change in performance for water-borne coatings. Highly adaptive, Aptalon™ polyamide technology can be tailored to provide high scratch and mar resistance, high chemical resistance, excellent water resistance, resistance to thermal degradation, and very high hardness. Early products from the Aptalon™ polyamide technology portfolio are designed for challenging metal and wood coatings, but the possibilities for its unique capabilities extend well beyond those applications.

Source: Lubrizol
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