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Lubrizol Launches Micronized Wax for Water-based Wood Coating Systems

Published on 2024-07-10. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Lubrizol Micronized Wax WB Wood Coating Systems Lubrizol announces the availability of Lanco™ PEW 1556 micronized wax. It is a part of its continued dedication to surface modifier technology innovation.

Offers Gloss Control While Preserving Natural Wood Color

Lanco™ PEW 1556 micronized wax is engineered to deliver a range of aesthetic and protective benefits for water-based wood coating systems. This allows formulators to transition from solvent-based systems while maintaining excellent resistance to slip, scratch, and abrasion.

The new wax additive provides uniform and efficient matting, clarity, slip and soft feel. This enables control over gloss to achieve desired appearance. It also preserves the natural color of the wood and pleasant touch.

The stability of powder in combination with its ability to easily disperse is a major advantage for our customers,” said Dave Seline, global market manager, surface modifiers at Lubrizol. “With a great balance of properties such as uniform matte appearance, soft touch, surface smoothness, clarity and surface hardness, multiple high-end, pre-finished coating products can benefit from the addition of Lanco™ PEW 1556."

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Source: Lubrizol


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