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Laser Components Offers High Performance Optical Interference Filter Coatings with DMRS

Published on 2012-03-08. Author : SpecialChem

LASER COMPONENTS offers high performance optical interference filter coatings. These products are produced by their partner, Omega Optical, utilizing Dual Magnetron Reactive Sputtering (DMRS) technology. Interference filters can achieve a transmission in excess of 97%, whilst having an out of band blocking of >OD6 from 300-1000 nm. A filter with these characteristics operating in a system with an ideal light source and detector could be expected to have a signal/noise ratio of exceeding 10,000:1.

Whilst good performance is very important, it is also vital to be able to produce this level consistently on a batch to batch basis. With the DMRS process, Omega Optical employ the latest methods in optical thin-film design and deposition control. Utilising the DMRS technology, very precise individual layer thickness is achieved along with forward and backward "proof-reading" of layer execution, leading to a high degree of predictability and lot-to-lot repeatability.

The sputtering process also results in very good transmission characteristics with minimal band pass rippling.

The hard coated QuantaMAX™ filter range is available on a number of different substrates and for a wide variety of wavelengths.

About Laser Components

At LASER COMPONENTS stability, continuity und decisions aimed at long term success meet with dynamics, flexibility, shallow hierarchies and a short decision making process. At a family run business this is not a contradiction but the rather the result of two generations working together in harmony to lead the company into the future. The product portfolio contains various lasers, detectors and other optical and electro-optical components and modules of many well selected international manufacturers, complemented by the own line of products, that are being manufactured at three different locations within German and two facilities in Northern America. LASER COMPONENTS in-house products make roughly half of the group's worldwide revenue and help us in our desire for quality, flexibility and customer service.

Source: Laser Components

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